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Welcome to my brokerage, Land & Legal Realty. 

When people ask what I do, my response is “I’m a real estate agent and a real estate lawyer.” Most people give me puzzled looks and say, “Wow, you really do it all!”, but it makes perfect sense to me and here’s why. There are a number of skills acquired during the practice of law that are transferable to the practice of real estate, such as a keen attention to detail, stellar negotiation skills and the skill of forward thinking. 

Known for my dedication, knowledge and going the extra mile, I treat every client as an individual and concentrate on their specific needs and desires.  My  highest priority is to establish an ongoing relationship of trust and guidance with my  clients that continues beyond the sale or purchase of a property.

Think of me as your trusted real estate agent, who not only knows but can advise you of the law, at no additional cost. With this combined skill set, I’m able to  offer an unparalleled dedication to my client’s best interest, expertise and services that conventional real estate agents can’t.   

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